Monday, September 21, 2009

Fishing Tales

On Labor Day weekend Dan and I went camping and tested out our new float tubes. We decided we wanted to try out Tony Grove lake. Although we didn't have any luck we still had a lot of fun. The next day we decided to do one of our favorite types of fishing...river fishing. Dan decided that instead of the regular live bait (nightcrawlers) that we bring, that he wanted some other 'natural' live bait. I can almost guarantee that you will laugh at while we were at our campsite we each grabbed a 2x4 and starting running around chasing grasshoppers. I'm sure we looked real funny running around smacking the ground with these 2x4's! Once we had our bait we went to test it out. For all the trouble we went through, you think we would have caught at least one fish with a grasshopper...well you guessed it-we didn't catch any with our 'natural' live bait.

Dan and I absolutely love fishing together but we never have very good luck....although we sure do have fun with each other and always walk away some crazy fishing stories and some great memories.

Dan's 25th Birthday!!!

We celebrated Dan's 25th birthday by going boating at Hyrum Dam. It was a lot of fun and was a good end to my summer since it was the last weekend before school started again. I would have to say that I came up with a pretty great gift for Dan. I was able to come across an AMAZING DEAL on a float tube at my work. It was such a great deal that I just had to buy one for myself too. And of course, when you buy a float tube you have to buy all the other gear. So he also got waders, boots, and flippers.

Little kids can fall asleep anywhere. This is my niece Taryn, asleep.....but still holding on.

Dan and my Dad battling it out on the tubes.