Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

Dan and I had such a great Valentine's Day. He definately spoiled me and he shouldn't have. I had to meet with a lady out in Smithfield that afternoon and when I got home he was at my apartment. He came running to the door and told me that I had to close my eyes. He then led me into the kitchen and told me to open my eyes. He had cooked me a candle light dinner and there was 4 dozen roses sitting on the table (he even tried getting the flowers in our wedding colors). I had given him a little gift earlier in the day and when he had opened it he just started laughing so hard. I had bought him a little stuffed dog that stuck it's butt up in the air and on the butt it said 'love ya'. I thought it was funny but apparently not as funny as he did. Well, come to find out he was laughing so hard because he had bought me the exact same one. After dinner we actually watched a 'chick flick'. Yes, can you believe it? It was such a wonderful day and I'm so grateful to be marrying someone that is so amazing and wonderful.