Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Flowers and Colors

For our wedding we are having Gerbera Daisies and our colors are pink, orange, yellow, white and lime green. Since it's a summer wedding we thought the bright colors would be perfect. The wedding plans are coming along great. My mom has done a lot to help out and we're so grateful. We are waiting for the weather to get warmer and for the snow to disappear before we take our engagement pictures and I take my bridals. I do have my dress but I'm sorry to say that I'm not posting any pictures of it because I'm sticking to the old rule that Dan can't see it until our wedding day. We also need addresses for everybody, so if you haven't already please let us know your address so we can send you an invite when it's time. Thanks for all the help and support we've received so far. We are both so excited to finally be getting married.

Wedding Cake....

Dan and I got bored the other night and were racking our brains for something to do. Don't ask us how but somehow we thought we would try and make our 'own' wedding cake. You can obviously tell that we are going to stick with our friend Crystal making our cake for us. Although our masterpiece didn't turn out like we wanted it to we still had tons of fun making it. We learned the hard way that you don't use the regular icing that comes in the little container, it's just too runny and won't go smooth or hold it's shape. Our flowers don't even look like flowers! Believe it or not it took us about 4 hours to create (that's including baking time).