Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog 10- Tagged

So the deal is this, I just have to write 10 honest things about myself. Honest and somewhat surprising or entertaining. After my 10, I get to tag people. So here goes.....

1- I guess I will start out with the most obvious one first. I LOVE my husband so much! He is the best a girl could ever ask for. He works long hard hours (sometimes 90 a week) to provide for us. He always compliments me and makes me laugh (which another honest thing to add here---when I laugh really hard it makes me have asthma attacks, it's called laughter induced asthma...and yes, it is a real thing). Dan is my best friend and I am so luckly to be his wife.

2- I love my family! Family has always been so important to me. It doesn't matter what has happened to me throughout my life, my family has always been there for me. I have great in-laws too. I married into a big family and I love it. I always wanted a bigger family when I was younger and now I got my wish. I have gained 1 father in-law, 1 mother in-law, 7 brother in laws, 8 sister in-laws, 12 nephews and 16 neices. Dan's poor mother had 10 kids! Just for that I admire her!

3-I absolutely love the outdoors! I love doing most anything outdoors. Some of my favorites include- fourwheeling, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, boating, fishing, photography, camping and having bonfires. I don't know what it is about nature and the outdoors but it just makes me feel so full of energy.

This is a picture I took when we were on our honeymoon in Jackson Hole.

4- I have a fascination with wildlife. My major at Utah State is Environmental Studies with a Wildlife Emphasis, which should tell you just how much I love animals. I love all wildlife but the ones that I'm just captivated by are deer, bears, wolves, and the birds of paradise. I know I'm such a dork when it comes to this but oh well it's who I am and what I love to do. Dan sometimes makes fun of me because something will come on tv about some animal and I will just be glued to the tv and be oblivous to anything around me.

5- Most girls like having a little car to drive around...well not me. I am a truck kind of girl. I love my Dodge Dakota and almost cried when I had to leave it in Idaho last year for about a month and a half. My dream vehicle though is a black Dodge Megacab....now that's a sweeeet ride. I love driving up in the mountains with my dodge and taking it camping. In my opinion once a vehicle hit's 100,000 miles it becomes a beater...well I only have 400 miles to go before my 'baby' is officially a beater.

6- My favorite TV show is Mantracker on the Science Channel. Once again this classifies me as a nerd because 1: it's on the science channel and 2: its two people running through the mountains with mantracker on his horse trying to find them before they reach the finish line....not your typical tv show but I sure do love. It's a goal of mine to be on this show and beat mantracker...although the show is filmed in Canada so I guess I will have to take a trip there sometime. For those of you who haven't seen this show...you should watch it so you can know what's it all about. New episodes air on wednesday nights at 10!

7- A new hobby of mine is playing raquetball. Who would have ever thought that chasing a ball around an enclosed room and smacking it against the wall could be so much fun. It is so much fun to play and I get a good workout too, it's great.

8- I am a certified Hunter Safety Instructor and have been for just over four years now. I mainly just help my advisor from school teach his classes. It's a lot of fun and will be great to put on my resume when I graduate.

9- I love taking pictures and think it would be a lot of fun to have my own photography business. I love going up the canyon and just taking pictures. I guess you could say this is another hobby of mine.

This picture I took up at 3rd Dam in Logan Canyon.

10- Some of my other favorite things are: I love Oreos and could eat a whole package in one sitting if I would let myself. My favorite actor is Christian Bale...he is smokin' hot. My favorite movie is 8 seconds...I could watch it over and over. My favorite flowers are Gerbera Daisies. And last but not least...my favorite color is blue.

These are the people I tag: Hollie Barber, Kandra Plot, Lisa Rigby, Britnie Sphar,and Jen Seegmiller.


Shayna said...

hey! so i just got your comment! i did do a post about crafts, but i didnt realize that i should have done memorial day first... so i took it off. BUT it will be on there soon this week... i just thought i'd share those first :)